Castles in Mazgirt district

Remains from Urartian times in Mazgirt district, southwestern Tunceli (Dersim) province   

All photos taken in 2019.

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Kale village

The curious castle like rock close to the village of Kale ("Castle") has chambers cut out of the rock and other signs of ancient habitation. No inscriptions have been found here. The rock works probably date from the Urartu period.        

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Bağın Castle

Strong fort, on the southeastern border of Tunceli (Dersim) province, at the banks of the Peri su, forming the border with Bingöl province. The castle dates at least from  Urartian times. A cuneiform inscription found here is on display in the archaeological museum of Elazığ. The castle remained in use for a much longer period. The settlement at its foot is reputed to have been a small town, but was already deserted before the First World War.

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